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Americans not buying Christmas wreaths

The downturn of the economy is forcing some people to give up a traditional piece of holiday cheer - the Christmas wreath. And wreath-makers north of the border are starting to feel the pinch.

Canadians Laura and Ray Folkins have been in the wreath-making business for over 20 years. This season usually gets them excited, but the holiday cheer isn't so abundant this time around.

"The wreath industry has pretty much dwindled here," said Laura Folkins. "We used to sell to the US market, that was our main buyer. But this year, I mean, I found one particular customer we've been dealing with a number of years. When I was talking to them in September, they said were not going to do Christmas."

New Brunswick produces 4 million wreaths a year, making it the largest producer in Canada.

"Boy, it's been tough to sell anything. Our business has gone down about 80 percent," Folkins said. "We're just doing for one big customer and some local stuff, very small."

This year, the Folkins will make 3000 wreaths, a far cry from the 15,000 they used to make.

At one time, their workshop had 40 employees. Now they only have five.

"Whenever the US is in economic crisis, it's a big deal for anybody in the export biz," said Chris Dickie, a Christmas tree consultant. "Certainly there are concerns over demand of the product this year."

(Source: NBC News)

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