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Reported by Justin Hanson

Police say pharmacy “shooting” was a hoax

BRIGHTON, TN (WMC-TV) - Friday, police said a suspect shot at an officer outside a pharmacy in Brighton Tennessee in Tipton County.

Now, we know that did not happen.

Not only did it not happen but now that Brighton police officer is off the job and is expected to be charged after causing the public and police a lot of worry.  

When Brighton police and Tipton County Sheriff's Deputies surrounded Brighton pharmacy Friday morning, they found it riddled with seven rounds of gunfire between an officer and several burglary suspects.

"The suspect fired one shot and then he returned multiple shots," Tipton County Deputy Chief Donna Turner said.

"Especially with a department as small as Brighton we wanted to make sure that we had all the resources available to investigate this," District Attorney Mike Dunavant said.

But after detectives took a look at surveillance video from the parking lot, they realized the whole thing was nothing but a hoax.

"We were notified that these allegations were false and so I contacted the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation about the circumstances of the report," Dunavant said.

Shortly after the shooting, police were telling the public to be on the look-out for a black SUV believed to be the get-away car.

Now investigators say that too was something the first police officer on the scene simply made up. 

There was no robbery--there was no shootout.

"We want to set the record straight that there is no alleged suspect who is armed and dangerous," Dunavant said.

And as officials finish putting the pieces of this puzzle together, they say the officer is no longer with the department.

"A lot of police resources were used unnecessarily - a lot of public concern was created by this report and now we find out its false," Dunavant said.

Late Monday afternoon, Brighton police officer Todd Riggins was charged with vandalism and filing a false police report.  

The Brighton police chief said Riggins was fired this weekend.

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