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Reported by Jason Miles

Memphis father accused of using kids to help steal from store

Eight year-old "Maria" decorates a tree without her father's help.

"I wish he comes here to Christmas," "Maria" said.

Her father, Marco Garcia, is in jail for now.  "Maria" told Action News 5 he did something bad.
"Yea," she said.   

Garcia is charged with using "Maria" and two younger siblings in a shoplifting scheme at this Best Buy on Winchester.

According to a police affidavit, store security watched Garcia "come into the business with three small children."  They watched the family "walk to the game section."

Garcia is accused of stuffing a number of expensive Play Station games into his six year-old daughter's coat pocket while the other two kids stood nearby.

A security guard stopped all four on their way out of the store.  "Maria" tells us what her younger sister thought.

"She was crying," "Maria" said

"Maria" said her father started to tear up too.

"I tell him do not cry," "Maria" said.  "Because he will go to jail," she adds.

Experts say Garcia was not acting as a good role model.

"Absolutely not," says Kelli Grissom of the Memphis Child Advocacy Center.

"I mean, anytime you do something that's against the law, using a child or in front of a child, it's harmful," says Grissom.  "Because it sets a bad example for them," she adds.

She hopes Marco Garcia's decision leaves no lasting impression on his children.
"I feel sad for him," says "Maria."

In addition to shoplifting, Marco Garcia was also charged on a number of outstanding domestic violence warrants.

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