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Reported by Bill Lunn

Restaurant Scorecard (11-27-08)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - DQ. It stands for Dairy Queen, but at 5730 Stage in Bartlett, it might as well be Dirty Queen.

The word dirty appears in their health inspection report 38 times. Health inspectors also witnessed an employee that did not wash hands before preparing the food.

Plus, grilled chicken at an unsafe temperature and ordered thrown out.

Dairy Queen on Stage in Bartlett failed with a 58.

At the McDonald's at 3120 South Third, an employee was moving sausage from the freezer to grill and carried the meat pressed against his apron.     

The big question at the restaurant was where employees were washing their hands. 

When the health inspector got there, they checked out the sink where employees were supposed to be washing their hands and there was no water.

McDonald's on South Third failed with a 63.

More tarnished golden arches in the 6600 block of Winchester.

A dirty ice maker, dirty grease vents, and leaking wastewater. Food, like eggs, Canadian bacon, and ranch dressing were stored at unsafe temperatures.

The health inspector also ordered management to get rid of the fruit flies.

McDonalds at 6668 Winchester scored a 68.

The Mrs. Winners Chicken at 4225 Winchester had food stored at unsafe temperatures.

An employee was also preparing food without first washing her hands.  

A dirty floor and leaking wastewater was also found.

Mrs. Winners failed with a 63.

At the Chick-fil-a in Collierville, an employee was seen going to the dumpster outside then returning to handle food without washing their hands.

Pink slime was also found in the ice machine.

Grilled chicken and chicken strips were at unsafe temperatures and the dish washing sink was dirty.

Chick-fil-a Collierville failed with a 61.

And Dino's Southwestern Grill  645 North McLean had dirty floors and flies in the prep area.

The dishes were not being sanitized and there was mold in the ice machine. 

Plus, salami and cole slaw were at unsafe temperatures and ordered thrown out.

Dino's Southwestern Grill failed with a 66.

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