Forget BLACK FRIDAY. Get Ready for CYBER MONDAY! - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee


There's a reason shopping experts call the day after Thanksgiving BLACK FRIDAY.

It's dark out there at 3 or 4 am --  and it's a miserable crush of customers who care about nothing but a good deal.

In fact, on Black Friday morning in Long Island, New York, a 34-year-old Wal-Mart employee was trampled to death when the typical throng of customers stampeded through the store's entrance.  Three shoppers were hospitalized.

Do yourself a favor:  stay home, and look ahead to CYBER MONDAY.

That's the day when you can often find the best ONLINE holiday shopping deals.  The Action News 5 Investigators recommend trying this strategy:  

* SHOP STORE'S WEBSITE, THEN 'FREEZE.' Shop first on the actual retailer's site where you're pretty sure you can find that product. Go as far as the page where you would add that item to your 'shopping cart,' then freeze!

* COPY THE WEB ADDRESS (URL). Now highlight and copy the web address just as it appears on that page ...

* PRICEPROTECTR.COM. ... And then go to Notice the funny spelling. Paste that item's web address in there, add your e-mail address and will automatically update you when the price drops on that item!

* DEALNEWS.COM. Action News 5 also recommends It posts Black Friday deals as soon as the clock strikes twelve, so you really don't have to leave the house. It also has printable coupons and creative shopping strategies.


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