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Reported by Nick Kenney

Man claiming to be mechanic preying on elderly women

She said he claimed to a mechanic and offered to fix her car. The problem is, her car was just fine.

Dot Schexnayder is 82 years old. She worries she was the target of a scam on the highway.

In early November, Dot and a friend were on the way to Tunica. Smooth sailing straight down Highway 61.

At a light, a stranger motioned for Dot to roll down her window. She did and he told her she was having car trouble.

She pulled over and he followed.

He popped her hood and he told her she had a broken fan clutch and that he could fix it on the spot for $250.

"Actually, he was in control. He knew exactly what he was doing," Schexnayder said.

The fan clutch is an important component to the cars cooling system. But remember her car had never registered hot and she had not had any car trouble.

The stranger followed Dot to two different auto parts stores where she finally managed to get him to go away for free.

"As we left, my girlfriend said, 'well I wish we would have asked him where he worked' and I said, 'well he works highway 61 looking for little old ladies like us," Schexnayder said.

Dot said she forgot about it until she met another elderly woman who had the same problem at the same spot.

"The same person had told her she too had smoke coming from underneath her car and his diagnosis was a fan clutch," Schexnayder said.

The experience frightens Dot. After 82 years, and this experience, Dot said she has quit trusting.

"If anyone were to try to stop me again. I would never stop," Schexnayder said.

Dot called police. They told her they have not gotten any other phone calls, but police said you should trust your instincts.

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