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Reported by Jason Miles

Marianna rape victim speaks out following Vance arrest

MARIANNA, AR (WMC-TV) - A rape victim broke her silence hours after police charge her alleged attacker, the same man they say murdered Little Rock anchorwoman and former WMC-TV intern Anne Pressly.

The Arkansas school teacher knows how it feels to become a victim. Curtis Vance, also of Marianna, was accused of attacking her, too.

Brightly colored bulbs now light up the old house in Marianna, but what took place on the other side of the door was anything but merry. The woman, who chooses to remain anonymous, was raped there last April.

"Sense of security, it was pretty much gone," she said. "I honestly don't know what to think."

The victim has since moved from that house. She continues to teach, saying it has helped her cope with the crime.

Detectives from Little Rock interviewed Vance in Marianna this past week after learning he had been questioned about the rape.

"Well, I had been contacted by police there was a suspect, but nothing more than that," the woman said.

Vance agreed to a DNA test, which police say matched DNA from both crime scenes.

The Marianna victim did not go into detail about what happened to her, but police say that, unlike Pressly, she was not beaten during the attack - one distinct difference in two heinous crimes possibly committed by one man.

Marianna police hope to have Vance arraigned on burglary and rape charges sometime next week.

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