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Reported by Anna Marie Hartman

MLGW urges caution after apparent scam attempt

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Lower temperatures and higher utility bills are the real thing, but MLGW spokesperson Chris Stanley warned Thursday that utility customers should be on the lookout for phoney employees. 

"MLGW workers never take money from customers," he said.

Wednesday, Stanley said, someone posing as an MLGW employee tried to collect cash from a customer for an overdue bill.
"She was a good paying customer," he said. "She didn't have a balance on her account, so she knew something was wrong."

That alert customer did what MLGW wants you to do - she called the utility company.

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Stanley said real employees don't mind if you ask to see their I.D.  Their trucks will always be marked with a utility logo, and they'll be wearing a light blue shirt with a logo over their heart - nothing like what the imposter was wearing.

"He had on a camouflage hat...and then he had on camouflage pants, black boots, and a white shirt," the caller said Wednesday.

Wednesday's attempt was not the first.  Last week, someone posing as an MLGW employee called a customer and said he needed to get inside a home.  Stanley said no MGLW employee will try to come inside your home, and they'll never ask for or accept money.

"We have incidents like this every so often," Stanley said. "Two in one week? That hasn't happened since I've been here."

Thanks to an alert customer, Wednesday's scam was a bust.  Now, police hope to bust utility imposters before they strike again.

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