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Reported by Jason Miles

Area-wide meth busts show extent of problem

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - 22 indictments and now more than a dozen arrests. Mid-Southerners caught buying too much of the main ingredient used to make meth.

Action News Five was on the scene as investigators clean out a suspected Meth kitchen in Munford, Tennessee.

We were told the toxic concoction was mixed by a man who had a four-week-old baby living with him.

He is among nearly two dozen Mid-southerners busted from Munford to Brighton, Memphis to Bartlett, and Arlington, too.

"So this really goes to show the significance of this particular problem," Shelby County Sheriff Mark Luttrell said.

All of those indicted, then arrested, were singled out by a data base that tracks people purchasing more than the legal amount of psuedoephedrine, meth's main ingredient. Now kept behind the counter at pharmacies like Ike's.

"Once every couple of weeks maybe you'll see somebody you feel uneasy about -- you think they're not going to use it for cold symptoms," pharmacist Jennifer Nabors said.

Every purchase is entered into a computer. Anyone who purchases or possesses more than nine grams is in violation of a Class D Felony.

"Generally speaking, that means no more than three boxes in a month," Nabors said. "Somebody with a cold would not get anywhere near nine grams per day."

She never imagined a common cold remedy would have to be monitored so closely.

"Meth is such a huge problem," Nabors said.

A problem stricter laws are even having a hard time keeping a hold on.

And obviously, Meth is no longer just a problem in rural areas. According to Memphis Police, the number of meth labs in the city have nearly tripled so far this year, compared to last.

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