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Holiday Tipping Guide

California's Mary Hunt, author of Debt-Proof Living (, gave us a little guidance on what to get those service-industry folks for holiday gifts.

* POSTAL CARRIER.  Hunt says never give cash. The postal service frowns on that -- looks like a bribe or something.  Instead, Hunt says give something worth up to a $20 value.  Home-baked goods are a plus.

* NEWSPAPER DELIVERER.  If you get daily delivery, give 'em $15 to $25 cash. Just weekend delivery:  $5 to $15 is perfectly acceptable... and greatly appreciated!

* HAIR STYLIST.  Cash is good.  Consider giving what would amount to 15 to 20 percent of your typical visit, plus some small gift of your choice.

* HOUSEKEEPER.  Cash worth the cost of one visit ... as long as you're happy with the service!

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