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Reported by Chip Washington

DeSoto County rules on gun use may change

HERNANDO, MS (WMC-TV) - As DeSoto County continues to grow, so does the potential for new gun owners, and causing County Supervisors to take a second look at current firearm regulations regarding neighborhoods.
The sound of gunfire is fairly familiar in some areas of DeSoto County, but for new residents, it is triggering some concern.

"It's a very complicated issue as it relates to discharging a firearm for target practice or whatever vs hunting and those types of issues," DeSoto County Supervisor Tommy Lewis said.

At issue: residents target practicing in area subdivisions.  As the county continues to grow bringing neighborhoods closer together, citizens are beginning to express concern. For county supervisors, its a safety issue.

"If they're doing it safely, then that's commendable, and that's what we want to happen," Lewis said. "I have had calls where people say bullets their property and going into someone else's property and things of that nature that we are concerned about."

Shane Nolf is an avid hunter and licensed gunsmith. He has five children, lives on three acres, and understands the concern. He is glad for the dialog but hopes any regulation that may come is not too severe.

"From my perspective as long as your being safe, and you know that safety comes first, obviously, I think you ought to have the right to be able to discharge your firearm in that situation," he said.

Supervisor Lewis says he doesn't know exactly what can be done, but that the board's attorney is looking into it.

As for what you can do, comments are being solicited until December 31, and could be a public hearing early next year.

Comments can be emailed to, or telephone comments can be made at 662-429-1460.

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