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The Most Common Hospital Bill Blunders

Bad economic times are also bad times to be in the hospital...... especially with all the blunders hospitals make on their bills! compiled the most common hospital bill mistakes:

* DUPLICATE BILLING. Getting charged for the same thing twice.

* LENGTH OF STAY. Read the bill. Did you get charged for the day of discharge? Charged for five days when you stayed for two? Check it!

* UP CODING. This is a doctor trick. They give you a lower-cost generic drug instead of the higher-cost alternative, but charge you for the expensive one.

* CANCELED WORK. Sometimes, they order a procedure, then cancel it, but bill you for it anyway.

ALWAYS ask for an itemized bill during a hospital stay, no matter how good your insurance is.  For more hospital bill blunders, click here on Fraud Guides' alert:


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