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Reported by Andrew Douglas

Strickland to propose ordinance to ban plastic carrier bags

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - You see them at the store, on the ground. and on windy days, you even see them in the air:  Plastic bags are everywhere, mostly where they shouldn't be.

"We really made a commitment with this council - with this city - that we're going to clean up blight," council member Jim Strickland said Thursday. "Well, part of blight is waste and litter."
Strickland said he would introduce an ordinance to ban plastic carrier bags next week.  The ordinance would ban the sale or distribution of plastic bags by sponsors and organizers of a city festival, parade or other public assembly.  It also calls for recycle bins at these events.

The ordinance would apply to events like the Cooper Young Festival, Memphis In May, and the Liberty bowl parade.

"That's where the real problem is, because the public gets them at these events and then just throws them on the ground, and they end up all caught up in the bushes or trees," Strickland said.

Emily Bishop, who organizes the four mile run that kicks off the Cooper Young Festival, said she supports the push to be greener, but believes banning the bags could pose a problem for vendors who rely their business for the crowds.

"People are creative and they'll come up with ways to sell their products," she said.

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