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Re-Gifting: Do Or Don't?

With money tight and holidays creeping up, we know a lot of you are thinking of doing something you would never have thought about doing before.


Action News 5 checked with etiquette expert Peggy Post of the Emily Post Institute ( Her rules of re-gifting:

First, Post says the item must be BRAND NEW, ORIGINAL PACKAGE. It's OK if it was never opened.

It should be something you know the recipient will love. Post says that means, believe it or not, you should only re-gift with those whom you really know very well, maybe even the ones you love the most!

It shouldn't be something that the original giver made or had customized for you. Not cool, Post says, and that kind of stuff always comes back around.

When in doubt, post says don't re-gift.  Just suck it up and buy something.

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