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Reported by Lori Brown

Community organizer angry after murder of 11-year-old

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A Mid-South community was outraged last week after an 11-year-old was shot to death inside her own home.  Now, while Memphis police search for her killer, a community organizer is searching for a solution to the killings.

Stevie Moore, the president of the non-profit group Freedom From Unnecessary Violence, says he's fed up.

"We cannot let this continue to happen," Moore said. Monday. "I want to ask the community to wake up."

Moore spoke out after Memphis police say an 11-year-old girl was playing in her living room Friday when a bullet burst through the window, hit, and killed her.

Moore says it's time for the community to fight back against shooters through tougher laws.  He plans to get a busload of people together in January and head to Nashville to make his case for a crackdown.

"There aren't enough consequences for picking up this gun no more," he said. "They just do it at random - get a little mad, they pick up a gun."

Moore started the group known for signs that say "Stop the Killing" after his son was murdered five years ago.  According to Moore, too often charges against shooters get downgraded to aggravated assault through plea deals.  Moore says that allows shooters to get out of prison after serving too little time.

"If I had my way, if you take that gun and shoot somebody there won't be talk about a bond," Moore said. "That bond would be so high you couldn't make it anyway."

Moore wants to put teeth into laws so that anyone who pulls a trigger serves hard time, whether a person dies or not.

"We should send the message that if you pick up a gun to take someone's life then your life is in jeopardy, too," Moore said.

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