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Reported by Lori Brown

Icy roads cause nasty commute in Mid-South

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - The winter weather and the wet roads combined to make for a nasty  commute all over the Mid-South.

Ice on the roadways right in the middle of the morning rush hour created a dangerous mess all over the Mid-South Tuesday morning.

While the Public Works Director says the ice was unexpected, he gives his crews an "A" for how they handled it.

It was a bad day for shoppers to try to rush home with their treasures.

From ice in the morning to rain in the afternoon, conditions caused drivers to slip and slide and crash all over the place.

One crash happened during the rain trapping 6 people at Knight Arnold and Cherry.

They were taken to a hospital.

During the icy morning rush hour, multiple cars crashed on Third Street on an overpass near I-55.

Several crashes at Hollywood and I-40 caused police to shut the bridge down.

Icicles along the bridge were a sign of what was freezing on the streets.

There was also a crash on Horn Lake Road in South Memphis.

One car slid into a guardrail.

And another car crashed with an 18-wheeler.

A tractor trailer overturned at Riverport Road, south of Mallory.

The Public Works Director says the ice caught them off guard.

Director Dwan Gilliom said, "We knew the rain was going to come in, but didn't think it would come in while the ground temp was as low as it was."

Gilliom said crews didn't waste any time.

"In terms of having the crews on the streets as soon as the roads started to ice all that happened in a matter which it would have if we'd known."

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