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Reported by Kontji Anthony

Christmas giveaway gone in minutes

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A Christmas giveaway in Orange Mound Tuesday proved how desperate some Mid-Southerners are during this economic crisis.

Hundreds lined up but the donations disappeared in minutes.

NFL players DeWayne Robertson and Kindal Moorehead bought food baskets and toys for 300 people.

Then more people showed up than expected and they ran out.

Hundreds lined up to get toys and food baskets at NFL Christmas in the Mound.

The two players who bought all the donations couldn't be there because they're in the playoffs, but mom was on hand.

Kindal Moorehead's mother, Claira Moorehead said, "I think it's lovely. He loves doing for Orange Mound because that's where he grew up at."

The need was so great.

It took only about ten minutes for people to clear out all the toys and all the food.

Jasmine Isom was grateful her mom got a food basket.

Isom said, "I'm happy about that because Christmas is just around the corner."

But the toys were all gone.

A shock that was hard for Iris White to handle.

Wright said, "I've got one son who doesn't want much.  Just a remote control car.  So, not being able to give it to him is a hard thing."

Bad weather prevented her from arriving earlier.

Wright said, "I had to wait almost an hour and a half to catch the bus because the bus I had wrecked."

The folks at Orange Mound Community Center couldn't let people walk away empty handed.

So they took down names and numbers.

Georgia Oliver with the Orange Mound Community Center said, "We will accommodate them by delivering their basket and toys to them."

Wright said their actions remind her that there's Christ in Christmas.

Wright said, "I thank the Lord for what they're going to do or what they're trying to do."

Event organizers say they'll get the toys to Oliver before Thursday.

Christ Community Health Services also helped with the donations.

The NFL players plan to continue the giving next year.

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