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Reported by Nick Kenney

Body of missing boater found

FAYETTE COUNTY, TN (WMC) - Divers found the body of a missing boater after searching for nearly 48 hours.

Ronald Miller, 62, was found in Terra Alta Lake in Fayette County on Christmas Day.

Lake Terra Alta is a modified creek.

It's a tiny body of water at the center of a neighborhood.

Even though it was Christmas Day, crews covered it's shores and it's surface searching for a Miller.

The trip to shore was sad and slow aboard a small boat hauling the body of Ronald Miller.

Lake Terra Alta resident Clint Lucas said, "This is just a tragic time. This is Christmas, you know?"

The season turned when Miller drowned in Lake Terra Alta.

He was pulling one small boat with another small boat.

Both started taking on water and flipped.

His ex-wife who was also in the boat survived.

He disappeared underwater.

Emergency crews searched Tuesday night and all day Wednesday with no luck.

They returned on Christmas for day three and everything changed.

A cadaver dog quickly sniffed out a scent and underwater cameras quickly confirmed the spot.

By early afternoon, the search ended.

Fayette County Sheriff Bobby Riles said, "We accomplished what we needed to accomplish."

Crews recovered Miller's body in no more than six feet of water, no more than a hundred feet from shore.

"Very relieved. I wish it could've been yesterday so these people wouldn't have had to spend their Christmas Day out here, but I'm very relieved," said Riles.

Relief the Sheriff shares with old neighbors like Clint Lucas.

"I pray for his family," said Lucas.

According to the sheriff, Miller is the first person to drown on Lake Terra Alta in at least thirty years.

Neighbors say they don't know of anyone else who has drowned in its waters.

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