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Reported by Ben Watson

Winter weather forces FedEx to take rare step

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Bad weather around the country led to good will at Memphis' largest employer.

FedEx which is usually closed on Christmas opened its doors Thursday morning and gave customers a chance to pick up last minutes gift packages.

FedEx officials said bad weather on the east coast and other regions had caused some backlogs at pick up sorting stations around the country.

So being open Christmas morning was the company's way of spreading a little holiday good will.

Early Christmas morning, a Fedex pick up station was filled with laughter as customers hurried in to pick up packages.

Customer Ellen Edwards said, "Well my aunt decided to buy me a new laptop for Christmas."

From gift receivers to gift givers, FedEx's special holiday hours were a Christmas present to people who thought their packages might not make it in time for Christmas.

Customer Greg Radcliff said, "Well I tell you it probably helped my brother in law more than it helped me because when mama's happy everybody is happy."

Perhaps no customer was happier with the holiday hours than Gary Feder.

Workers found his package among those that arrived from New York City.

"I think it helps the holidays ah you know obviously anything at the last minute that adds to the Christmas spirit its a nice treat," said Feder.

Feder's gift turned out to be a box of gourmet chocolates from his sister.

And he was so grateful to FedEx for being open on Christmas that he shared his chocolates with pick up station workers.

"And if you're working today you deserve a treat," said Feder.

The sweet treats were for a merry Christmas.

FedEx has two express sorting stations in Memphis and 655 throughout the country.

They were all open from 8-am until noon Thursday to allow customers to pick up packages.

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