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Reported by Ben Watson

Tickets to inauguration are special Christmas gift

BARTLETT, TN (WMC) - Officials in Washington are bracing for record breaking attendance at the Obama Inauguration ceremonies.

While some have predicted as many as 4 million visitors, Secret service says those numbers are not accurate, but agents WON'T reveal just how many people they're expecting at the Capitol.

Some Mid-South youngsters will join those in attendance and it's the gift of a lifetime they found under the tree Christmas morning.

Some Bartlett youngsters opened up the special Christmas gift Thursday morning.

And now the two youngest members of the Branch family will be right down front when President-Elect Obama takes the Oath of Office.

Marcus and Miles Branch found video games and lots of other gifts under the tree this Christmas.

"Ah PSP, and this shirt and two games," said Miles.

However, the gift the youngsters were most excited about were tickets to join their parents and grandmother at next month's Presidential Inauguration.

"Well when I opened em you know at first I thought there was money in there so I shook it and when I opened it I flat out screamed," said Marcus.

Their tickets to see President-Elect Obama take the Oath of Office became available through Congressman John Tanner's office.

Mom Sonji Branch said, "So after the election we knew we really wanted to be there."

The whole family hopes to be up close to the front in a special section for VIP's and others.

Dad Anthony Branch said, "And I just give God praise for it the opportunity to afford for them to attend this inauguration."

The boy's grandmother agrees and she's been teaching the boys everything she can about the next President.

Grandmother Shirley Mason said, "Because it's priceless.  This is something that they will take for the rest of their lives.  They will carry with them.  They will teach their children and their children's children about this time in history."

Miles and Marcus Branch are calling the Inauguration the trip of a lifetime.

"Ah it means a lot to me since I've really been following the whole election process and since he accepted the nomination the Democratic nomination."

Branch family members said they plan to do some sightseeing while in Washington.

And Marcus, the oldest son, got a video camera for Christmas and he's all excited about getting pictures of the swearing in and other action on tape.

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