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Reported by Ben Watson

COGIC minister travels to human rights conference in the Netherlands

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A Memphis COGIC Minister is just back from the Netherlands and a historic conference supporting human rights around the world.

Memphis minister Dr. David Hall represented COGIC as a special emissary to the conference, whose goal was to take a stance against the growing wave of terrorism and other human rights violations that have happened in the Middle East and else where.
"We don't believe in torture," Hall said Monday. "We don't believe in denying people human rights."

Hall joined representatives of some of the most powerful religious organizations in the world in signing a historic document pledging to use their religious influence to bring about peace.

"We want to appeal to those clergy on all sides to speak to the guys with the bombs and bullets and say, 'Not in the name of the Lord - whatever lord you serve.'"

The December 10th conference was held at the peace palace in the Netherlands in the presence of the country's Queen Beatrix.  It was aimed at re-affirming an event here 60 years ago when United Nations member countries met to sign a historic human rights agreement.

Hall was a special emissary representing COGIC presiding bishop Charles Blake.  He joined leaders from Iraq, Tibet, Israel, and other countries in discussing peaceful solutions to worldwide conflicts and violence..

"These people that I know have definitely a passion for peace, because many of them are caught right up in the cross hairs of violence," Hall said.

If you want to read the historic Declaration of Human Rights that Dr. Hall and others signed, click here.

There is also a place where you can add your name to the list of people around the world who support human rights.

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