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Reported by Janice Broach

Shelter desperately looking to place animals before closure

McNAIRY COUNTY, TN (WMC-TV) - They have names like Blondie, Bobby, Callie, Marie, Oddball and Snowdog - 23 dogs and cats no one has committed to adopting or taking in at the McNairy County Animal Shelter.

"We're really not going to have a choice but to euthanize the animals," shelter director Debbie Nowicki said Tuesday.

It's a hard choice the director of the no-kill shelter hopes she doesn't have to make.

The shelter announced in September it would likely have to close.  At the time, workers were able to get a lot of the animals adopted or into rescue groups. 

But the economic crisis has made those hard decisions more pressing.

"With economic impact that has gone on, our donations have dropped off to zero," Nowicki said. "So basically, we are funded out of our own pockets, and really that's good for only so long."

The shelter now has the 23 dogs and cats that need homes.

"They would make anybody a fortunate family if they would invite them into their homes," Nowicki said.

The director added the dogs and cats are used to other animals, children and adults.

For more information about the shelter, and to view the animals that need homes, click here:

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