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Reported By Andy Wise

Your Health Insurance's Hidden Perks

Those of us shopping for health insurance -- and those of us lucky to still have insurance with our employers -- you might just have some hidden perks in your health plans or the plans you're researching.  

The folks who run,  a site where you can research health plans, tell us there are hidden perks in a lot of plans.  Now these are savings that plan administrators aren't exactly falling over themselves to tell you about.

One is FITNESS CLUB MEMBERSHIPS. Robert Hurley and Samuel Gibbs of say some health plans offer a discount of 10 to 20 percent off the cost of a gym membership. The point is to encourage you to take care of yourself. This is usually based on a contract with a national chain.

NATUROPATHIC TREATMENTS. Some plans actually cover chiropractic services, acupuncture and massage therapy ...or if they don't, they may offer a discount on the treatment.

Some plans offer discounts on memberships with WEIGHT-LOSS PROGRAMS like Jenny Craig and Weight-Watchers.  Some even cover QUIT-SMOKING PROGRAMS.

Others may offer discounts on COSMETIC SURGERY, TRAVEL, even ONLINE BOOK PURCHASES!

The key have to ask. No one's going to tell you your plan may cover these things.  Consult the plan's administrator or your company's benefits coordinator.  You can also compare health plans and research coverage at

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