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Reported By Andy Wise

More trouble with

You all have lit up my e-mailbox with horror stories about, ever since we broadcast on Ask Andy at 5pm this job offer, typos and all, received by one of our viewers:

"...You will RECEIVE FUNDS in forms of certified check/MONEY ORDERS on behalf of the company as our administrative/receivable assistants and processed it at your bank... Money orders/Cashier Checks drawn from the United State and Canada..."

The company making the offer is not local.  It's an electronics company in Connecticut with no record of any wrongdoing, so I decided not to name it.

But the description sounds a lot like those counterfeit check scams.  You know, the kind where you deposit the check in your account, wire the company some of the cash, the check bounces then they clear out your account?

After we showed that ad, a Memphis woman e-mailed me to tell me her story.  She answered one of the site's ads - actually spoke to a real person.  The person told her she had the credentials and asked her to come to a location on American Way in Southeast Memphis for an interview. 

When she arrived, she discovered the place -- didn't exist.  There was even another applicant, waiting for her "job interview."

They both tried to call the number, the number they dialed to arrange the interview in the first place. 

It was disconnected.

The Action News 5 Investigators e-mailed and called Michael Irwin, spokesperson for  Irwin has not responded.  

If Irwin decides to answer our questions, we'll post his answers here...and we'll keep an eye and an ear out for any more issues with

In the meantime, here are the red flags the Mid-South Better Business Bureau says you should spot on job-hunting sites:

* POOR GRAMMAR/TYPOS.  Just like the one above, where the grammar is all jacked up and the "s" is missing from "United State_".  It's just not professional, and it's a sign that the person who wrote it isn't serious.

* RECEIVING PAYMENTS, DEPOSITING THEM, THEN FORWARDING THE MONEY.  The checks you receive for this kind of stunt will likely be counterfeit.

* "GOOD INCOME/FREE TIME".  Ah, the old double-promise!  It's never kept.

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