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Reported By Andy Wise

ASK ANDY: $4 Prescription Drug Programs

I won't bury the lead here.

$4 or $10 prescription drug programs like the ones offered at Wal-Mart and Kroger are a good deal, especially if that's less than your insurance's co-pay.

But Patty Rose of Dyersburg, TN, e-mailed me to tell me one of those programs wouldn't let her have the cheaper price.  She says the pharmacist told her that her insurance company wouldn't cover a 3-month supply of her prescription.  

Rose wrote, "Why are these places messing with my insurance for a $4 or $10 drug when they sell it to anyone else without insurance for that amount?"

Not sure which pharmacy you're shopping, Patty, but if you meet this criteria, you should be getting $4 or $10 drugs:

* MUST BE A GENERIC.  These programs only offer generic drugs, so you must ask your doctor if there is a generic equivalent for your prescription.

* MUST BE A GENERIC ON THE PROGRAM'S LIST.  Most if not all of these programs have pamphlets sitting right in the pharmacy that list every drug that is available for $4 or $10.  Kroger, for example, offers 300 generic drugs for $4.

* INSURANCE/SUPPLY SHOULDN'T MATTER.  Jeff Porter, Kroger's district pharmacist, says your insurance provider and the size of the prescription doesn't matter.

"If the insurance doesn't cover a full 90-day supply, then we can, if they request, we can go ahead and re-file it and not use their insurance," says Porter.  "They will still get the $4 or $10 price."

Bottom line, ask for the generic version of your drug. See if it's on the $4 or $10 cheap list -- and compare with your co-pay. If it's lower than your co-pay, go for it!

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