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Reported By Andy Wise

Andy's Restaurant Scorecard: Inspections from Dec. 22-28

The only restaurant to score below 70 in this batch of inspections -- is run by a Memphis barbecue legend.

The Memphis-Shelby County Health Department gave Jim Neely's Interstate BBQ, 2265 S. Third St., a 67.  The inspector cited an overflowing grease barrel, a cracked food container with food inside -- she used the word "dirty" nine times to describe conditions in the restaurant.

"Hilarious," Neely says.

I'll be the first to say that Interstate BBQ is one of the best barbecue places in Memphis.  I'd eat there any day of the week, and I'd even wrestle Dave Brown over Neely's ribs!

Neely says "dirty," when it comes to a barbecue joint, is in the eye of the beholder. 

He showed me his ceiling tiles, the ones I see every time I come for lunch.  They're a sooty brown from the barbecue smoke -- have been for decades.

But the health inspector cited him for that.

"We don't eat off the ceiling!" bellowed Neely.  "And they're ain't nothing that's falling off there on the food!"

Amen, brother Jim!

All the other restaurants inspected this go-around scored 81 or higher.  Some of note:

Memphis Downtown Diner, 116 S. 4th St --  93

Papa John's, 830 N. Germantown Parkway (Cordova) -- 94

Club Pisces, 3987 N. Thomas (Frayser) -- 99

THE BIG TIP:  Fresh Slices, 1585 Overton Park (Midtown), 8556 Macon Rd. (Cordova).  Owners:  Ike and Willie Logan, 725-1001.

Customers love the Logans' brand of hospitality.  The Cordova location is like coming over to someone's house -- someone's house with a fully stocked bar, a bulging menu and a crackling fireplace.  LaDonna is a customer favorite among the servers.  Customer Kelley Jamison loves the Les Frazier Monte Club Sandwich, a deep fried club with tons of deli meat and cheese and raspberry sauce on the side!

"It's like a funnel cake!" exclaims Jamison.

We also like the Grilled Salmon Caesar Salad, Cajun Chicken Pizza and the Logan Country Chicken Salad!

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