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Reported by Lori Brown

Deceased voters still on the registration rolls

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC-TV) - A Shelby County man who died 20 years ago is still listed as an active voter on the voter registration rolls.

A woman with Coaliton for a Better Memphis was disturbed after she saw an Action News 5 story about dozens of "active" voters who were born in the 1800's.
W. Hamilton Smythe, who lived on Vinton Avenue in Memphis, is listed as an active voter in Shelby County's voter data base.

But Happy Jones with Coalition for a Better Memphis says Smythe died at least two decades ago. "Someone is not looking to see who's voted and who hasn't voted."
She says something needs to be done when a man born in 1899 is still on the voter rolls. "He's not off the rolls, and I know he should be off the rolls."
And Smythe isn't the only deceased voter Jones knows of who's still on the rolls.

"I noticed another name I know that's still on uncle, Snowden Boyle."
Boyle was born in 1900 and died at least 40 years ago, Jones said.
Jones says having names of deceased voters on the rolls is a major concern because of what happened in a 2005 election, when Memphis poll workers used the identities of dead voters to cast ballots in a tight race.
Smythe says she's ready to take matters into her own hands."Because of this information and our concern that the voting process have more integrity, the Coalition for a Better Memphis is offering to provide volunteers to the election commission and see if we can help them clean this up."

Jones' uncle is listed as an inactive voter.
Even though it has happened before in Memphis, it's a felony to vote using someone else's name.
If you'd like to volunteer to help the Coaltion for a Better Memphis clean up the rolls, click here to visit their Web site. 

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