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Reported by Justin Hanson

Covington company saves money without cutting jobs

COVINGTON, TN (WMC-TV) - During tough economic times, as people lose their jobs and have trouble paying their bills, employees at Covington Electric have figured out an innovative way to keep service up and costs down.

For the past several months, employees there have been working longer hours four days a week to save time and money.

"Most people work 8 to 5, and so now our time is 7:30 to 5:30, so they have extra time to get in and pay their bills," said customer service representative Pennie Hendrix.

Covington Electric is actually saving money with this concept, but it's the customers and employees who are benefiting the most.

"We're not rolling as many trucks everyday, eight hours a day," employee Tim Sallee said. 

"Hopefully, by employees having to come to work four days instead of five days, they're saving about 20 percent on their gas bill," general manager Robert Hagewood said.

The company's 21 employees say the new schedule is a better fit for their lifestyle.

"It gives me extra time to do my personal stuff on my extra day and not have the rush of the weekend," Hendrix said.

The new concept also encourages employees to learn how to do more than one job.

"We have gentlemen who work in the field or at the front counter," Sallee said. "We have ladies who can do accounting, customer service...some can do all of it."

And as times get tougher, companies are looking for even more ways to provide the best product at the lowest cost.

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