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Reported by Andrew Douglas

Busy bottleneck makes driveway dangerous, Mid-South man says

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A Mid-South man says he is looking for help because of a dangerous situation at the end of his driveway.

Hacks Cross Road in southeast Shelby County is often congested with traffic, including many tractor trailers.  When 79-year-old Frank Russell tries to drive north or south out of his driveway, things can be downright dangerous.

"That one person could be dead, because of a situation created by the county," Russell said Thursday.

Just south of Russell's home is the intersection of Holmes and Hacks Cross.  Turn lanes make Hacks Cross a six lane street at the intersection, but in just a quarter of a mile, the road quickly condenses to two lanes.

At the bottleneck is Russell's home, where it's been since 1986.

"Many times, many times, we've almost been hit," he said.

To help the Russells deal with the traffic problem, engineers have put up white sticks to merge the traffic down to two lanes. The county also extended Russell's driveway about 12 feet, but his view is still partially obstructed by a line of trees.
"At least we would have a visual look at the approach from the north (without the trees)," Russell said.

Shelby County Engineer Michael Oaks said his office has studied the area, and has no plans to take down the trees

"We found that there was adequate sight distance number one," he said. "Number two, the trees are outside of our right of way. They actually belong to the neighbor next door."

With the trees remaining put, Russell said he will continue to worry each time he gets behind wheel.

"It has become a very dangerous situation," he said.

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