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Reported by Chip Washington

Southaven High students prepare for trip to Washington

SOUTHAVEN, MS (WMC-TV) - Over a dozen students from a north Mississippi high school are preparing for what they hope will be a memorable trip to see the inauguration of Barack Obama in Washington, D.C.

Sixteen students and three faculty members of Southaven High School will make the journey to watch Obama's swearing-in with millions of others.

"To go and witness something like this, to be surrounded by millions of people that are all celebrating our country and celebrating this new president, it gives me goose bumps," teacher April Holifield-Scott said.

Students equaled their teacher's sentiments.

"To tell my kids when I get older that I was there, and to explain to them how important it's a great opportunity to be able to go," student Kaitlyn Derouren said.

The idea of a trip was first brought up a year ago, when a teacher saw an advertisement from Smithsonian Tours at a cost of $1,100 per student.  Each student was responsible for paying for his or her own trip.

Junior Jesse Hurdle said he was excited to see Obama's swearing-in.

"You know, the majority of the people in America wanted him to be our president," he said. "They just ignored his race, and I just think that's pretty amazing how we've matured."

Senior Eden Starnes used her fund raising skills to punch her ticket to Washington. 

"I think I raised over $1200 dollars all by myself," she said. "They call me the fund raising queen."

The students will travel to Washington on the 18th, and return on the 21st.  Plans also include attending an inaugural ball hosted by the Smithsonian specifically for high school students from around the country.

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