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Reported By Andy Wise

Ask Andy: The BEST Internet discount stores!

I got some great recommendations on Internet discount and consignment stores from Sue Goldstein.

Goldstein is a contributor to Bottom Line Secrets, one of my best consumer resources.  She's an expert on Internet shopping with her own radio show in Dallas and her web site

Here are the discount web sites she shops, by category:

For fine jewelry, electronics or designer accessories, she shops You've seen the commercials. Goldstein says they're all true.  Big bargains!

For designer clothes: Goldstein told Bottom Line Secrets she found Marc Jacob denim pants for 73 percent off the retail price!

Sporting goods: You can buy, sell or trade anything from basketballs to exercise bikes.

Now for Goldstein's BIG TIP: She says it sells durable foam mattress toppers that you put on your mattress. She says the toppers make your mattress feel like a new $1,500 mattress ...for less than $300.

For more web bargains, check out Goldstein's web site at

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