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Jeffrey Scott Trial Blog - Day 3

6:03PM - Defense asks to approach the bench. Short conference with the judge. Conference finished. Gallery emptied out. Attorneys starting to filter out of courtroom. Long day in court. More long days ahead. Tomorrow is one of them. See you at 9 am.

6:00PM - Judge says rather than talk about contents of box tonight, it's time to break for the day. Jury has dinner reservations for 6:30 pm. Jury out of the courtroom. Turnmire will return to the stand at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. No questions from either side before breaking for the day. Court adjourned until 9 am tomorrow.

5:57PM - Another photo. open city garbage container. Dried flower arrangement inside. Below is a broken vase found in the container.

Another photo. Broken vase taken out of garbage container and photographed.

State hands Turnmire a box. Defense asks to approach the stand. Sidebar conference at the stand.

5:55PM - State hands Turnmire another photograph. Inside the trunk of the Volkswagen. Published on overhead. Clother thrown into the trunk. SOme of it on hangers. Female clothing. Several items on rear portion of the backseat. Not visible in picture. Miscellaneous personal items. Turnmire doesn't know what they were.

Another picture. pet cage at the wall of the garage. Near where door is open into the kitchen. Published on the overhead. radio sitting atop the pet cage.

Another picture. Close up of the radio plugged into the wall. Shows a slight indentation where the pet cage had been. Turnmire say the pet cage had been moved from near where the radio was plugged into th wall. It being moved was significant to Turnmire, she says. Turnmire says the pet cage had obviously been moved over. Turnmire says it seems like the cage had been moved. Turnmire thought it was significant.

Another photograph. Turnmire circled an area on the concrete floor on the garage. She marked stains she thought were either body fluid or blood. She collected samples in case investigators decided to have them examined. Picture on overhead. She's pointing out spots she believed were either blood or body fluid. The garage concrete has many stains. She says the three she circled seemed different from the others. The radio is in the picture too, not on the pet cage. State asks her to explain why the boom box moved locations. Turnmire says she can't remember why the dog cage had been moved. She says she never moves anything and doesn't know why the pet cage moved.

5:45PM - Jury back. Judge tells them court will break at 6 pm. State calls Memphis Police Department Crime Scene Investigator Kay Turnmire to the stand. 30 years with MPD. 11 with Crime Scene Unit. CSU called for further investigation on all kinds of felony cases. usually responding officer determines if CSU is needed to respond. CSU goes to all homicide scenes. Turnmire says she's been to many homicide scenes in 10 years. Says she's seen a lot of blood. Enough to recognize it if she saw it. She tags evidence at crime scenes. Tagged if they feel something might be useful or if an investigator feel it's useful. Document and photograph that evidence, too. Homicide unit takes there own pictures often but so does CSU. Turnmire responded to 590 Wesley Woods on November 23, 2006. Responded with another officer. Scene determines how many CSU officers respond. Turnmire stayed at Scott house approximately 45 minutes until she was advised the person expired at the hospital. At that point, Turnmire went to hospital to photograph the victim. before she left, she already started taking pictures at the Scott house.

State hands her photo of the front of the Scott's house. State hands her photo of rear of home with two vehicles parked in the garage. One is a jeep and one is a small Volkswagen. State hands her another photograph. Closer photo of Volkswagen. Other items in garage. City issued garbage container. Doorway open that leads into house. other gardening materials tot eh left of the Volkswagen.  Photo on the overhead. Turnmire describes for the jury.

5:33PM - Court back in order. Judge says the next witness is Kay Turnmire with Memphis PD crime scene. Two sides already agreed on the exhibits to be presented so the court wouldn't; have to stall to put them in as evidence. Jury coming back now.

5:15PM - Court reporter apparently marking (not marking on them just numbering them for record purposes, apparently) exhibits and crime scene photographs. Jury not yet back in.

5:10PM - Court in session again. Judge asks to see both sides at the bench. Conference.

5:08PM - Court still in recess. Apparently a crime scene investigator is next on the stand. We'll see.

4:52PM - The full 911 recording is now on our website. You can check it out by clicking the link in my blog. Or you can find it in the video center on the homepage.

4:50PM - State calls Lisa Harris. Realtor for Crye-Leike. helped with sale of Scott's home. State hands her pictures of Scott's home. Harris took them when she put the home on the market. Seven photos she took and posted on the internet. She assisted them in the purchase of another home. Executed a contract to purchase a new home on November 17, 2006. State passes witness.

Ballin asks for one moment. Cross. The contract for the new home was singed November 14, 2006. The 17th was the effective date. Indicates 3 days of negotiations. Ballin done. Witness released.

Before next witness is called, defense requests bathroom break because the next witness could be lengthy.

Request granted. court in recess.

4:45PM - State calls Tracey Gayle Smith. She works with Dr. Stern. Saw Ashley on November 22, 2006. Says Ashley was healthy. State passes her picture of Ashley Scott alive and well. State passes her picture of Ashley Scott from the morgue.

Cross-examination. Acknowledges Ashley came in with her mother-in-law. Did a day 21 test. progesterone. Released.

4:41PM - State calls Dr. Brad Stern. Physician. OBGYN. Knew Ashley Scott. She was a patient of his in 2006. he says she was very healthy. Saw her on November 14, 2006. In office for a physical and pap smear. He determined she was healthy at the time. Not diabetic. No illnesses. State hands doctor picture of healthy Ashley Scott. Doctor says she was in the process of attempting to get pregnant. blood work in August of 2006. She was being treated with medication to improve chances of ovulation. Clomid. Plud pre-natal vitamins. State hands doctor picture of Ashley Scott in the morgue. He says that does not resemble her when he last saw her. no bruises on her body at the time. State passes.

Ballin up. Asking about his medical help in getting pregnant. Doctor says he was under the impression she was trying to get pregnant with her husband. Blood work in August of 2006. Doctor says she had a low progesterone level. Ballin done with witness. R

Re-direct. Doctor says they did not evaluate for diabetes, but she never had any signs of diabetes.

Re-direct for Ballin. Asks doctor clarify. Doctor acknowledges he's not aware of any tests to determine if she has diabetes. Ballin asks about condoloma. DOcotr acknowledges she had condoloma. According to doctor, condoloma is genital warts. Ballin releases witness from stand.

4:35PM - Littlejohn puts on a blue rubber glove. First pair of shoes out of the bag. Brown leather pair of casual shoes. Inconsistent. Pair #2. Pair of black dress shoes. Match each other but not the bruising on the body. Pair #3. Brown boots. treads on bottom match each other, but not the pattern on the body. Elements in the bruising could be a shoe pattern. State passes witness.

Leslie Ballin takes over the witness. Asks about microanalysis. Science is the business. She acknowledges she won't call something a shoe print if she's not sure it's a shoe print. She won't give an opinion to the jury that it is definitely a shoe print because she doesn't know that she says. Agent doesn't know what caused the bruising on the back, but she knows it wasn't the shoes that the state asked her to analyze. None of the pairs of shoes caused the bring on the back. Ballin goes back to conference with O.C. Smith. Done with witness.

Re-direct. Agent can't say either way if it was a shoe print or not. It just wasn't those three shoes. Witness released.

4:26PM - Agent says it's difficult to compare the shoe to a photograph. can't physically compare shoe to the injury. She says she took a test pattern of the shoe in a scientific manner with different sheets of acetate paper. Visually compared the shoe treads with the bruising on the body. the three shoes she looked at were inconsistent with the bruising on the body. Littlejohn says the bruising looked like a shoe print in her expertise, but they do not have an exact shoe to compare it to. She's hesitant to call the bruising a shoe print without having some kind of object to compare it to.

State put a picture of bruised backside on the overhead projector for Littlejohn to analyze. She says she understands why someone would think it's a shoe print. Points to lines through the bruise. She says it's a common element of a shoe print. She says it could have been caused by a shoe. The three pairs of shoes she analyzed did not match up to the bruise.

Agent removes shoes from bag to compare each shoe to the bruise int eh photograph.

4:20PM - State calls Agent Linda Littlejohn with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. Sworn in. Crime Lab in Nashville, TN. 20 years. Microanalysis.  2 year training program. 2 0years of microanalysis at TBI. Analyze gunshot residue. Paint, fiber, glass, trace evidence section. Catch other things that don't make into other sections. SHe's watched CSI before, unfortunately, she says. She says those shows take the truth and stretch it. She says microanalysis is not quick. it can take days, weeks, even months. Memphis has a crime lab but it does not have a microanalysis section. Littlejohn entered as an expert in microanalysis.

She was asked to analyze three pairs of shoes and a disc that contained photographs of the victims injuries. State hands agent a big box to look through the items inside.

One of the pair of shoes is in a brown bag that she initialed. Another bag with another pair of shoes. A third bag with the third pair of shoes. Each bag initialed by Littlejohn with case number, etc. She was also sent a disc containing photographs. 8 photographs. The state hands her those pictures. She says they's not the same pnes, but enlarged copies og the photos she received.

She was asked to compare the shoes with the bruising patterns on Ashley Scott's body.

4:11PM - Jury back in courtroom... 

4:08PM - Court back in session. judge says we're going to work until about 6 o'clock tonight.

3:52PM - Court still out. But prosecutors just distributed CD copies of the 911 tape to members of the media. the 911 tape was played in court on Tuesday. On it, Jeffrey Scott calls 911 around 2 pm on November 23, 2006 upon the advice of a doctor buddy. On the tape, at one point, you hear Jeffrey tell the dispatcher his wife is unconscious but still breathing. Soon after you hear the doctor in the background say "She's dead." Look for more on that tape on Action News 5 and on

3:38PM - Court in recess. Jury out.

3:36PM - Based on his examination, Smith says her chest did not show any aspiration, or anything that goes through the vocal chords into the lungs instead of down the esophagus and into the stomach. Smith says she didn't have any liver disease, but that it failed because of the shock. based on the report, asked about diabetes. Her blood sugar was high, but nothing suggested to SMith that she had a history of diabetes. No carbon monoxide poisoning. State passes witness.

Blake Ballin up. Blood Alcohol Content at .13. Ballin asks for approximate time that was tested. Taken at 5 pm on November 23, 2006. Ballin asks if Smith knew her BAC 14 hours earlier at 1 a.m. Smith says he has no idea what her BAC would've been at that time. Ballin asks if the medical examiner compiles more data other than just the hospital doctors. County continues looking for additional data. Defense finished. Witness released. 

3:30PM - Doctor searching for coagulation report. Two coagulation factors elevated. Very mild coagulonic. Not excessively high. He says it's most likely from her shock.

Another report. Another report again. This one from another doctor. Acute subdural hematoma. Acute=right now. Another report: large acute subdural bleed. in the front oart of the right side of the head.

When asked about her alcohol level, Smith says it did not cause her death. people can still walk and talk and function at .13. Lungs normal. But ventilator was breathing for her. When it was turned off, she died.

3:20pm - Another medical document. chemistry report. collected at 5 pm November 23, 2006. Lactic acid. Smith says Normal is less than two. Ashley's level of 15.4 is catastrophic, he says. he says it's multi-system organ failure. The body cannot sustain organs. As that continues to build her chances to survive reach zero. Smith says put a zero behind the lactic acid level and that's a person's chance of dying, meaning Ashley's chance of dying was around 150 percent.

Urinalysis. Ashley's level showed ketosis. Maybe under-nourished. Doctor says you see it in people who have been drinking or the Atkins diet. Someone who hasn't eaten in awhile.

Coagulation report. 4:49 pm on the 23rd.

3:15PM - Now reviewing past medical history in the report. Liver and spleen not enlarged. Smith says that means she did not have a chronic liver disease or problem. State asks what Ashley Scott's Blood Alcohol Level was. He says .13 or .14. He says not enough to cause liver disease.

Now reviewing another medical chart. Serum alcohol level 132. Equivalent to a .13 BAC. Smith says that's high and indicates some level of indication. INR of .145...indication of blood clotting. Fairly outside of normal according to Smith. He says she had barely elevated coagulation factor. If she were cut, her blood coult still coagulate. More medical terms and values. Lots of detail. He says these values indicate damage to her heart.  He says the numbers show a tremendous amount of muscle injury. Smith report says Scott showed marked acidosis. Inability to maintain breathing or organs. body going into failure and shutting down. He says Scott was in the 3rd stage of shock, which is not survivable. When doctors turned off ventilator, Ashley Scott did not breather. Smith says that confirmed that she was brain dead.

3:03PM - However, Smith says medical analysis has decided that you cannot tell the age of bruise simply by looking at the color. State continues. Abstract Summary Form from the hospital. principal diagnosis: Subdural hematoma...a collection of blood between the brain and the skull. It can cause pressure on the brain and cause herniation and death. Smith says that's what happened here. Secondary diagnosis: cardiac arrest. He says her heart stopped beating. paramedics resuscitated her in the ambulance. He says the swelling of the brain led to cardiac arrest. AS brain death ensues, the heart follows. The body follows the brain in death, he says. Discharge summary written at the end of Ashley Scott's stay at the hospital. Written by Dr. Rodriguez. Mixed mention of a drug called Narcan. It would reverse something easily reversible on someone who is unconscious. If one overdoses, Narcan reverses it. When they gave it to Ashley Scott, nothing happened. Nothing changed. It didn't reverse anything. Blood sugar elevated because of shock on the body. Normal range for blood sugar less than 120 at some institutions less than 150.

2:55PM - Smith says Scott's organs were shutting down. "Rude unhinging of the machinery of life." Organs shut down. her body is doing what her brain has already done. Lots of medical speak. Smith says her body no longer has the ability to pump blood to her organs because of the massive amounts of trauma she went through. Her lungs could not blow off enough CO2 to live. She was not expelling as much carbon dioxide as the body normally should. Smith says Scott was getting oxygen into er blood stream. Smith says the ER put her two medications for shock. The point of which was to raise the blood pressure. Raising the blood pressure would get the patient out of shock. If you don't correct the shock, the patient will die. She was on IV fluids, being given crystalline and colloid resuscitation fluids. Smith says she was on a ventilator. Ventilator doing al the work for her because the brain wasn't telling her she needs to breather further. Smith says they knew fairly quickly that she wasn't going to survive. CT showed acute bleeding of the brain that caused a lot of pressure int the head. Severe acute hematoma. acute=now. It didn't happen a long time ago. it happened now. State asks Smith to read a line from his report. Some of the bruises looked as though they'd been on her body longer than others.

2:45PM - After a series of tests, his diagnosis was brain dead. Other doctors around at the time including a neurosurgeon. State hands Dr. Michael Smith Ashley Scott's medical records from the hospital. He saw them that day and reviewed them again with the prosecutors office. He's looking through them right now where he's found his own November 23, 2006 consult on Ashley Scott at 6:07 PM on November 23, 2006. Reasonable degree of medical certainty means more likely than not. A patient such as this, Smith says a doctor can make a diagnosis. brain dead massive degree of head trauma.

2:35PM - State calls Dr. Michael Smith to the witness stand. Sworn in. Physician in practice since 1992. Pulmonary and critical care specialist. Board certified. State reviewing his qualifications as a doctor. Basically a verbal resume. At one point during his residency, he worked with the medical examiner. now he works at Baptist hospital. Works in intensive care. Sees pulmonary patients. Takes care of critically patients. Runs the Code blue or Harvey team. They're the rescue team who rushes to a bedside to help try to save a life. State offers doctor smith as expert in pulmonary, critical care, intensives. November 23, 2006, working at Baptist. Called to consult on Ashley Scott. Got a call from Dr. Rodriguez asking for help with patient. Smith worked with Rodriguez before. His medical impression was that Ashley Scott looked like someone who had been beaten. State hands Smith a picture of Ashley Scott in the emergency room in room nine. He says this is the way she looked the day he saw her. Multiple bruises on her body led him to believe she'd been beaten. Bruises on both knees, stomach, back, face, ear, head, both arms. He says bruising appeared to be extensive. State hands Smith another picture. He says it's a large bruise that looks like a boot print right above the pelvis on the right side of her back. He says there were additional bruises. Smith says he noticed some lividly on Ashley Scott's body at this point. He says the bruises on her back were not lividity. They were bruises. Smith handed another picture of Ashley Scott still in the Emergency ROom. Face. endotracheal tube into mouth to breath. Gastric tube from mouth into stomach to remove stomach contents, air blood. He says she had both her eyes bruised. SHe had raccoon eyes. He says injury to the head causes bleeding in to the space around the eyes. Periorbital. Facial abrasions, bruising on her face, lips, cheeks. The bruising around lips could not have come from insertion of tubes, he says. His diagnosis at the time was that Ashley Scott was brain dead. Clinical exam led him to diagnosis as well as a CATSCAN.

2:27PM - Jury back in court.

2:23PM - Court back in session. Jury not yet back, though. The courtroom is packed tight. Friends and family of Jeffrey Scott on one side. Friends and family of Ashley on the other. Some of her former students are here, too. Conference at the bench right now.

2:13PM - No idea what the hold up is. Still in th hallway outside. Trial not yet back.

2:10PM - Court not yet back in session. Doors closed and locked. Bailiffs won"t let anybody into the courtroom. We're just waiting.

12:54PM - Jury out. Court in recess. Lunch. Returns at 2 pm.

12:52PM - High lactic acid. Liver disease.State asks if the numbers are consistent with someone who suffered those injuries and were left alone for awhile. Doctor says yes. Ballin says the tennis match is over. Witness released.

12:50PM - Done with his review of the document. State asks if that report is consistent with a beating? He says yes. Very severe. and that her chance of survival was very low. Acknowledges the beating was severe.

Ballin up. By beating you mean blunt force trauma? He says yes, acknowledges Ballin's question that she suffered blunt trauma but doctor doesn't have firsthand knowledge how she got it. Ballin asks about PT test. Doctor explains what it is and what her numbers on the test were. He says her numbers were high, abnormal, but not super high. Ballin asks about another test. Doctor says she was in an acidotic state. More medical analysis.

12:40PM - Doctor says Ashley Scott was not bleeding internally. Doctor explains every aspect of test going page by page. Lots of medical terms. It doesn't make much sense to uninformed gallery. Doctor says he had high alcohol level in her blood, but not enough to be fatal.

12:30PM - Doctor offers analysis. First page is cardio numbers. Between the low talk and the medical talk, it's hard to understand what the doctor is talking about. He says her numbers are far beyond what's average and healthy. Muscle breakdown. Muscle trauma. He acknowledges the bruising and a beating could cause the numbers to change drastically. He says the exam shows she didn't have a heart attack according the numbers. When patient comes in unconscious, they check for overdoses, including from Tylenol and Aspirin. Both numbers were normal...Doctor says she didn't overdose. Doctor says from the degree of bruising she had, the doctors in treating her already suspected physical abuse. No drugs in her system. Her urine test indicate she had elevated glucose levels which could indicate stress.  She was not pregnant.

12:20PM - Some delay. Back to the proceedings with a hefty medical document...60 pages...Judge breaks silence explains to jury their lunch is scheduled for 12:30. Without actually asking the doctor any questions about the medical record or the blood work, the defense finishes.

Re-direct. State asks doctor what the results of the blood work were. he asks if she wants to know all of it, half-jokingly. Whatever he can tell her Branham says. He reviews document again.

12:13PM - Ballin enters it into evidence. State asks the relevance. Bench conference. Entire medical record from hospital will be entered into evidence. Both side apparently agree.  Confusion over paperwork. State asks to approach again. Apparently both side don't agree.

12:10PM - As Rodriguez reviews the document, more Ballin discussion with O.C. Smith. Doctor still reviewing. After tedious relies, the doctor acknowledges it is in fact a copy of Ashley Scott's bloodwork.

12:04PM - Ballin apologizes for delay. Brings former Shelby County medical examiner O.C. Smith more documents to look over. Smith apparently offering Ballin advice. Ballin searching for the correct document. Found it. More discussion with O.C. Smith. Ballin apologizes to doctor, understands he needs to go to work. Searching for proper document. he apparently found it. The results of the bloodwork Dr. Rodriguez ordered. Rodriguez reviewing the document carefully.

12:01PM - Doctor prepared addendum to his report. Ballin wants him to look at it, but first he brings it to O.C. Smith. Smith now looking over the documents and reviewing them. Smith is sitting in the gallery in the first row. Ballin is standing over him

12 noon - Doctor asks judge if the jury can hear him. One juror has some problem hearing him. Judge asks him to speak up. Ballin hands doctor results of a test. Asks him what a subdural hematoma is. DOctor is explaining with more medical term of which this blogger cannot make sense. He says her swelling was below the dural. The hematoma was to the right side of her brain according to his report. More questioning. Doctor says he can't really answer without seeing the report from the CT SCAN. ROdriguez acknowledges he takes his job seriously and tries not to make mistakes. Peri-orbital bruising/raccoon eyes. DOctor's report indicates. bruising along the skull, orbital area near the eye. He says it indicates head trauma. Maybe base of the skull fracture. Doctor says he does not recall bruising to the chest. His report says no obvious bruising to upper part of chest. The doctor says Ashley Scott appeared to be a healthy human being other than all her injuries.

11:50AM - Doctor's main concerns were dilated pupils indicating little activity. Already came in with paramedics doing CPR. SHock like pattern. The extensive bruising made them wonder if she'd been abused. Doctor says they knew she was in a bad state and they needed aggressive procedures just to try to keep her alive. He says they tried different drugs, one of which the medical community uses only as a last ditch effort to keep someone alive. He says they maxed out on that particular medication. other doctors were around helping with Ashley's care. Rodriguez ordered CATSCAN. Showed severe swelling of the brain. Once the brain stem swells too much, you cannot survive. He says the catscan was of very critical nature. State passes witness.

Leslie Ballin up. Asking more about doctor's training. Two residencies. Tulane medical school in New Orleans. Ballin asking about Rodriguez saying he thought Ashley had a possible boot print on her back. he says he did not do any further follow up in that particular bruise. He just though it looked like a shoe originally. He says pathologist followed up. ROdriguez says he thought Ashley was a condition where she suffered "possible" abuse. meant to use the qualifier because he did not witness how she got the injuries. Ballin asks more about the CATSCAN. Doctor explains with more detailed medical information. Ballin asks if she had a hematoma. ROdriguez asks to see report. Ballin asks if he went over his testimony with prosecutors. He says he did meet with them and went over a few things. Lat met 4 days ago. They did go over the result of the lab work four days ago. 

11:40AM - Branham hands Rodriguez a picture. It's of Ashley. he describes the bruising he sees. Another picture. he describes more bruising. Swelling around lips. (Doctor still talking low. Hard to hear from this vantage point) He says the tube would not cause the swelling of her lips. he considers it part of her injuries. Another photograph. Doctor describes backside with bruising near a prominent tattoo and more bruising on her left side. From 12 years in ER, doctor say you don't see bruising like what Ashley had. Sometimes you see bruising, he says, but not to this degree. Doctor says you expect to see certain bruising, but not anything to this extent. Ashley's injuries and bruising raised suspicion. Rodriguez acknowledges state statement that her injuries showed clear evidence of abuse. State asks if the doctor did bloodwork. he says they did but would have to see the paperwork again to remember what it was. He's talking in lots of medical terminology. State asks him to explain in laymen's terms. Still not clear what he's talking about. Judge asks the doctor to speak up.

11:30AM - Bowe released. State calls Dr. Miguel Rodriguez. Employer contracts with Baptist. EMergency medicine physician. Been a doctor since 1989. Talking low. trouble hearing him. he's board certified in emergency medicine. Court acknowledges he's an emergency medicine expert. Working at Baptist November 23, 2006. Rodriguez treated Ashley Scott in the ER. She was brought in by ambulance. She was on a gurney when she was brought in. Rodriguez says they knew they were already doing CPR on her and were prepared to give her immediate emergency care. He says his immediate observation were that she was young and attractive. She had bruising to her body. She was intubated. Tube intrachea to help breathe. Put her on monitor. Made sure the tube was in the right place. It was and functioning correctly. Doctor says she was hooke dto machines and they were keeping her alive. No spontaneous respiratory activity. Critical Care response team effort went to work on Ashley. He says it's apparent she had bruising. Doctors noticed bring on backside and right flank, face, arms, etc. From a gross visual observation he says it looke dlike she had bruising throughout her body. Pupils dilated. No response. One ear was very swollen -- cauliflower ear. See it if someone's been struck multiple a boxer might get. he says bruising throughout body.

11:18AM - Branham continues questioning. Asks Bowe to explain critical. Nurse can't accurately do so and explains they should wait on a doctor to do that. State passes witness. Ballin asks what Bowe did with the clothes Bowe removed from Ashley Scott's body, including pants. Bowe can't remember without seeing her notes exactly what she took off and what she did with them. Pictures published to the jury, but not on the overhead. Jury reviewing the previous pictures just shown to Bowe. Both sides appear done with nurse Michelle Bowe.

11:15AM - State calls Michelle Bowe. Employed at Baptist Memphis for 4-1/2 years. Registered Nurse in ER. Working November 23, 2006. Patient care. Patients come either personal vehicle or ambulance. Ashley Scott taken to Bowe's ER in ambulance. When the paramedics brought Ashley in they were doing CPR on Ashley Scott. She was in critical condition. Nurses re-evaluated her. She had faint pulse, minimal blood pressure. Started medicine to try to bring up blood pressure. Blood pressure started to come up with two medications. Dopamine and another (This blogger has never heard of it and can't spell it). State hands Bowe picture of Scott on ER stretcher. Bowe identifies it. Entered into evidence as an exhibit. Bowe says Ashley Scott had bruising on her face and around both eyes on first glance. Bowe noticed other bruises. Multiple, but does into recal exactly where or how many. State hands Bowe another photograph. Picture of face with bruising one her eyes and on her lips. State asks if it's accurate photo. Bowe agrees. Prosecutor Missy Branham hands her another picture. Ashley's face. Bowe says it shows bruising on face and around eyes.

11:05 - Edwards says Scott told him no one else had been with the couple that night, although they had made a trip to Blockbuster. Edwards took Scott to Felony Response office. Scott told Edwards he did not need any medical treatment or have any injuries. State passes witness.

Leslie Ballin up. Ballin asks when Edwards got there. 5 pm. There were still police cars and neighbors but everyone else had left. Roger McGee in one police car. Jeffrey Scott in the back of the other. Clarifies, uniform later transported Scott, not Edwards himself. He asked uniform to transport Scott. Edwards acknowledges that the conversation he had with Jeffrey Scott was fairly brief. He just asked Scott what happened with maybe a couple follow ups afterward. Edwards acknowledges he smelled some alcohol on Jeffrey Scott at 5 pm on the 23rd. Scott told Edwards the argument was over a text message she'd received from another man. Argument over cell phone, it's use by his wife, and another man. At firs the altercation as verbal then turned physical. Scott told Edwards his perception was that he hadn't hurt her badly enough to injure her. Ballin continues with questioning. Scott told Edwards he made her sleep in the garage but that he also first gave her a pillow and blanket. Scott also told Edwards that he called a doctor friend of his when he thought there might be something wrong with Ashley. Edwards acknowledges that Scott told him he moved her to the fireplace then later moved her to the bedroom and tried to get her int eh bed with no success. Sometime after that is when he noted a problem and then called his doctor friend. Defense finished.

Re-direct. State publishes photo on overhead. It's Jeffrey Scott's mugshot. Identified again. Edwards released from stand.

10:55AM - Jury back in courtroom. Judge explains why it's so darn cold in his courtroom. State calls Memphis Police Department Sgt. Robert Edwards. Felony Response. 10 years, there. 34 with Felony Response. Working November 23, 2006. Went to scene at 590 Wesley Woods.  Got there. Saw neighbors, uniform cars, other witnesses in squad car. Paramedics had left. the victim was no longer there. Started talking to parties involved to try to figure out what happened. Got a brief synopsis from uniformed officers. Talked to Dr. Robert McGee, talked to Jeffrey Scott. Identifies Scott in court today. He talked to Scott while Scott was in the backseat of the police car. Edwards says Scott told him he and his wife got into an altercation over a text message. it got physical. After a physical altercation he gave  her a pillow and blanket and made her sleep in the garage. Brought her inside put her by the fireplace then put her in the bedroom later the next morning. Edwards says Scott told him he and his wife shared blows back and forth. Edwards also interviewed McGee then sent Scott on to 201 Poplar. Edwards says Scott didn't give hima specific time on when he gave her a pillow and blanket. Scott didn't tell him who the text message was from, just a male. The text was sent to Ashley's phone. Felony Response found the phone. Edwards saw it in the house but left it until Crime Scene go there. State hands Edwards picture of Jeffrey Scott. It's his mugshot. Edwards arrested and charged and booked Jeffrey Scott that day.

10:45Am - Court back in session.

10:35AM - Witness released. Court takes a short recess. Jury out. Recess.

10:25AM - Jeffrey Scott not yet under arrest when Elkins arrived. smelled alcohol on Jeffrey Scott arrest. He'd been drinking beer, wine, and vodka is what Scott told officers on scene. Defense re-capping what Jeffrey Scott first told officers when they arrived. Ashley Scott slept in the garage, he moved her to the den at 9 am and into the bedroom around noon. Jeffrey Scott told him he called a doctor friend. Defense passes witness.

State re-directs. Asks one question. Defense asks to approach.

10:15AM - State calls Memphis Police Officer Stan Elkins. 13 years with MPD. November 23, 2006. Responded to Scott house on a 911 call. Second officer on scene. Asked about the condition of the Ashley Scott at the time he walked into the house. Paramedics not yet there, but someone doing CPR. Elkins talked to whoever he could talk to whomever he could to try to figure out what happened. Says Jeffrey Scott told him the couple had been drinking. He left Ashley sleeping in the garage overnight until about 9 am when he brought her inside and put her in the bedroom. Defense objects. Judge tells Elkins to testify only on his observations. Not what others told him, except for the defendant.

Elkins took a report. Domestic Assault report. He arrested defendant Mr. Scott and identifies him court. Brown suit. White shirt. Blue tie. Very little information out of Mr. Scott at the time. Two other officers showed up then a Lt.

State passes witness to defense.

10:05AM - Sidebar over. Wakefield continues his analysis of the second picture. He's handed another picture of more of Ashley Scott's injuries. Wakefield analyzes the third picture. From my perspective, there appears to be more bruising. Ashley Scott in full arrest upon Wakefield's arrival. Paramedics worked on Ashley Scott, transported her to the hospital. Job to save lives. Prosecution passes the witness.

Leslie Ballin up. Asks Wakefield if he generated any reports? Did he work on the patient himself? Did he speak with paramedic Gary Garmon (testified yesterday)? Did they share with each other what they remembered? Ballin honing in on the report paramedics made regarding the call to the Scott house. Paramedics don't fill out a report while working on the patient or rendering aid. Instead, they wait until the emergency part of the call is complete.

Ballin asking about Wakefield's exact recollection of events. He doesn't remember the exact clothing Ashley was wearing or exactly which EMT cut her clothes off. Ballin asks if Wakefield saw Ashley Scott receive her injuries and if he is the expert on bruising and injuries considering he just analyzed them. Ballin asks if everything is always as it seems. Ballin raises questions about Wakefield's recollections. Ballin says if he can't remember exactly and correctly, he could be wrong. Defense passes witness.

State. Re-Direct. Wakefield says this call was unusual and he remembers the call vividly. Sticks out in his mind. Finished

9:53AM - State calls Chief Daniel Wakefield. Employed by Memphis FIre Department. In charge of all medical personnel and EMT's. Responded to Scott house though unusual for him to go. Went because police were going because call sounded suspicious and police were going. Wakefield entered Scott's bedroom where EMT's were working on patient. Wakefield noticed quite a bit of bruising on the patient. He says things were being done properly on scene. More photographs of Ashley Scott's injuries. State asks Wakefield to analyze the first photograph. There appears to be bruising. State passes Wakefield another photograph of Ashley Scott's injuries. He analyzes it as the picture is placed on the overhead projector. Defense objects to most of Wakefields's testimony sidebar at the bench.

9:38AM - This blog might change a bit until I figure out what I can and cannot say. Might be more general. Less specific

9:35AM - Court in recess. Audio problem with TV camera. Judge wants it fixed before trial begins.

9:30AM - Court in session. Jury out. Short conference about a picture the state plans to use as an exhibit in this trial. Leslie Ballin is informing the judge about the news media and whether they are carrying this trial live. No live pictures from here in court on TV. He is explaining that some of media is blogging. The judge explains to bloggers that bloggers are not allowed to pass along testimony from the stand  because it might give the others scheduled to testify access to previous testimony. Otherwise he may just exclude all the bloggers and computers from the courtroom. Now I'm trying to figure out what I can and cannot pass along here.

9:15AM - Jeffery Scott is here sitting directly behind his defense team as he has all week. Also here -- Dr. O.C. Smith, former Shelby County Medical Examiner. He will be an expert witness for the defense. The judge is allowing him to sit in on other testimony. Jeffrey Scott's family now in the courtroom, too.

9:10AM - Good morning. Court's not yet in session, but everyone's starting to file into the courtroom. Defense attorneys are here. Prosecutors are here. Most of Ashley Scott's family is here. Have not yet seen Jeffrey Scott or his family, but I'm sure they're close by.

8:15AM - Trial will continue this morning.  Standby for updates from the courtroom...

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