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My 5: What makes a good story?

Sure, you can use My 5 to upload videos directly from your cell phone, but you can also upload your own, fully produced stories.

At Action News 5, we employ several different types of digital, non-linear editing systems for our daily newscasts.  To get started editing your own stories, a free and easy-to-use system comes included with any Windows PC - Windows Movie Maker.

Now that you've got the software, you're ready to put together your story.  Important components of good news stories are sound bytes, visuals, compelling writing, and length.  At Action News 5, our reporters try to keep their stories to no more than one minute and fifteen seconds in length.  That's not a lot of time!

Though it applies more to print, has posted an excellent guide on how to write a clear, concise story.'s iReport website also offers tips on how to put your stories together.

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