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Reported By Andy Wise

Andy's Restaurant Scorecard: scores through 1/5/09

Not even her momma knows that Roberta Clements owns a restaurant.

Momma's about to find out.

A Mississippi health inspector gave Clements' Huddle House at 6058 Hwy. 305 in Olive Branch a "C."  The inspector cited Clements for not posting the restaurant's last inspection score and for a hand-washing sink without hot water under the service counter.

Clements is as sweet as the desserts she serves.  She recently took over the Huddle House in a partnership.  She says she's trying to improve its service.  The place was spotless when I visited.

About that sink -- she says both her server who was working during the health inspection and the health inspector didn't notice that the sink's safety valve had been sealed.

"And so when (the inspector) came the next time, (my server) pushed it with her foot and showed her that there was hot water in the sink," Clements says with a giggle.

She's posting that inspection score now, especially since the inspector lifted it to a "B" on re-inspection.

"Next time, we'll have an 'A'," smiles Clements.

I bet you will, Roberta!

THE BIG TIP:  TSUNAMI, 928 S. Cooper, Midtown Memphis

One of the first restaurants to contribute to Project Green Fork (, Tsunami offers an eclectic cuisine, plus it recycles every glass bottle, plastic container and food waste. 

Each of its cooking stations has small buckets.  The staff toss any food waste into those buckets.  At the end of the day, they dump those buckets into a compost barrel out back. 

Owner Ben Smith says they recycle 15 to 20 gallons a day of food waste -- 30 to 40 gallons on a busy weekend.

"Compost that is being regenerated and reused as opposed to going into a garbage or a landfill," says Smith.

WHAT ANDY LIKES:  the Pork Bahnmi sandwich with pickled vegetables and Vietnamese-French seasoning.

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