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Reported by Jason Miles

11 dogs and puppies die in massive house fire

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC-TV) - Nearly a dozen dogs and puppies died on Friday when the house they were locked inside went up in flames.
"With all the noise going on, you could tell they were trying to escape," said neighbor Roosevelt Brooks, who was alerted to the fire next door by his own dog, Bentley. 

Brooks quickly dialed 911, and then watched as police broke out windows in a desperate attempt to save the animals.
"We got two of them at first, and then they went in later and found another that had been in there a long while," said neighbor Jack Martin. "I don't think he'll make it."
Altogether, there were 14 dogs inside the house. 11 died after a space heater that was meant to keep them warm may have triggered the blaze, firefighters said. 

The distraught homeowners are now tending to the three surviving dogs.
"Oh man, they were in shock..in shock," Martin said of the homeowners.
Some of the same fire crews who helped put out that blaze then responded to a second fire at the nearby Ridgemont Terrace Apartments, where even bigger flames quickly consumed an entire building. At least six units were completely destroyed.
Despite the intensity of that fire, no one was hurt. There's no word yet on what might have caused it.   

As for the house fire that claimed the lives of 11 dogs and puppies, firefighters say it probably could have been prevented. They say people need to be aware of the dangers of leaving space heaters unattended. 
The homeowner says he's not a dog breeder, but was taking care of an uncle's dogs, in addition to his own.

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