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Testimony covers divorce, text messages in sixth day of Scott trial

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Jurors heard testimony Saturday in the Jeffrey Scott trial that Scott's wife Ashley planned to tell her husband she wanted a divorce the same day she died.

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In a packed courtroom, Ashley Scott's divorce attorney and friend, Rachel Songstad, was first to take the stand on Day 6 of the trial.
Songstad met Ashley after Jeffrey Scott received a DUI.  She testified Ashley told her Jeffrey made an admission two months before Ashley's death.

"He admitted he'd had a prostitute in the house," she said.

Songstad also described physical abuse following that argument

"He smacked her with the back of his hand, knocked her down, and then put his foot on her chest, in her throat area," she said.

Attorneys approached the bench several times during Songstad's testimony and the judge sent out the jury so they could talk.

"It appears she has an agenda," Jeffrey Scott's attorney, Leslie Ballin, said at one point.

The day Ashley died, Songstad said, Ashley planned to file for divorce.
"She said she at least owed it to Jeffrey and his family to explain why she was leaving," she said.

The defense had no questions for Songstad.

Prosecutors then presented AT&T employee Erica Dorris.  As they picked apart Ashley's cell phone records, Jeffrey never looked up at the screen.

The defense pointed out line, by line, Scott's text messages to Michael Lowe.  Lowe testified Friday he had an affair with Ashley after Blair Brown testified she had an affair with Jeffrey before that.

The record showed Ashley Scott exchanged texts with Lowe the day of her death, and she sent two text messages to herself.  Dorris told the court AT&T cannot determine the content of a text message.

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