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Jarvis Greer

Grizzlies Gay Unhappy with Play Calling

Despite Monday's Holiday loss to the Detroit Pistons, the Memphis Grizzlies DID have one of their better efforts of the season against a team full of All-Stars..

So, how come everyone's NOT encouraged?

Take Grizzlies Forward Rudy Gay..

The talented 3rd year pro out of UConn is faltering along with the Teams' mostly subpar play of late..

Coinciding with the Grizzlies 14th loss in the past 16-games, Gay has seen his average drop from more than 20-points a game down to just more than 18..

In the last 3-he's averaging only 10 points a contest.

Gay has faded from view late on games..

Monday he had 15-points through 3 quarters against the Pistons...but was seemingly ignored in the 4th, getting only 2-touches the rest of the way.

 I asked Rudy if he felt the team wasn't calling plays for him late in games...

  His answer.."Yes... But i really don't want to comment too much about it."

Gay says: "I really believe i can contribute more to the team, if given the chance."

  Grizzlies Head Coach Marc Iavaroni had this to say:

"If he's open, he's supposed to get the ball. That's always the plan. We probably did take a couple tough shots. We always look to go to the open guy.  It's a process. Scorers usually feel they can make the open shot..the big play. I'd have to look at it.

Gay and the Grizzlies next chance to work out their differences is Wednesday night at the Charlotte Bobcats.

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