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Reported by Chip Washington

New skills lab opens at Baptist DeSoto in Southaven

SOUTHAVEN, MS (WMC-TV) - While they talk, bleed, breathe, and act and feel like real patients, in truth they are a very important part of a new simulation skills lab dedicated last Thursday at Baptist DeSoto Hospital.

"They're new in health care, but it really allows us a safe environment to practice our care and emulate what would need to happen in the true patient areas," Baptist DeSoto Chief Nursing Officer Mary Townsend-Gervis said.

The new lab will provide students and on-staff nurses with an open environment to practice, develop and work on their skills, with the help of high-fidelity simulators that can replicate real-life situations.

Shanna Pryor, a master's program student from the University of Arkansas, called the facility real-life preparation at its best.

"It gives you the safe environment of actually being able to step away from the bedside and go through different scenarios, so that if you are ever actually in a scenario, you can provide safe patient care," Pryor said.

With a total of five adult simulators and one baby simulator to work with, there is no shortage of learning opportunities available.

"You can actually shock them, start IV's on them, so its not just a piece of plastic laying there that represents a body.  It's actually something that you can touch, attach electrodes to, start IV's on," Baptist DeSoto Emergency Services manager Jamie Roberts said. "It's just very exciting for all of us.

In addition to those on staff at Baptist DeSoto, several schools, such as North West Community College, the University of Memphis, and Union University will also have a chance to work in the lab during their clinical rotations.

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