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Reported by Janice Broach

Ashley Scott's divorce lawyer discusses couple's troubled background

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Ashley Scott's divorce attorney, Rachel Songstad, offered new insight into the troubled marriage between Ashley and her husband Jeffrey during an interview Thursday.

Jeffrey Scott was convicted of second degree murder by a Memphis jury early this week in Ashley's Thanksgiving Day, 2006 death.

Songstad told a jury last week that Jeffrey Scott verbally and physically abused her throughout their five year marriage.

"She had suffered abuse for a long time," Songstad said, speaking for the first time Thursday about details of the Scott marriage never revealed in court.

Songstad said Jeffrey Scott wanted a child and a new house so he could focus on that, and stop beating and belittling Ashley.

"He told her if she would give him a son, it would be better," Songstad said.

Jeffrey also disapproved of Ashley's professional career.

"He didn't like her as a teacher," Songstad said. "He thought she was a bad teacher. He didn't think she'd be a good mother."

Songstad said Ashley admitted to her she drank a lot, and even had a DUI on her record. Once, Jeffrey was stopped for a suspicion of drinking, but refused the breathalyzer. Songstad said Jeffrey criticized Ashley for not doing the same thing.

"Therefore, she wasn't smart enough to know how to handle the situation, and now she's an embarrassment to his family," she said.

Songstad also said Jeffrey liked pornography.

"He did require certain things of Ashley people would think was inappropriate," she said.
Songstad said Ashley finally said she would divorce Jeffrey,but doesn't know if Ashley told him the day before she died.  Phone records show Ashley called Jeffrey right after she talked with Songstad, who was out of town.

Songstad wonders if she could have stopped Ashley's death if she had been in town.

"I was haunted for weeks," she said.

Jeffrey Scott's attorney, Leslie Ballin, said he had no comment for this story.  Scott is scheduled to be sentenced next month, and faces 15 to 25 years in prison.

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