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Reported By Andy Wise

Stop Thief! Checkbook Snatch

This one started with an auto burglary in Frayser.

A woman foolishly left her purse right on the seat of her car (NEVER do that!) in her driveway. 

Days later, the Action News 5 Scam Cam captured the woman below racking up more than $2,000 in clothes and gift cards with either the victim's checkbook or accounts opened in the victim's name.

"She has the (victim's) driver's license. She has the victim's Social Security card, the victim's checkbook," says Det. Keisha Scott of the Shelby County Sheriff's ALERT Squad (Area Law Enforcement & Retailers Team).

Scott says the suspect has opened six store accounts in the victim's name at retailers in both Shelby and Desoto County.

"Kohl's, Marshalls, Marshalls in Southaven, Gordmans in Memphis, Wal-Mart, Macy's...she's just knocking them off in Memphis," Scott says.

Here's a shot of her making a purchase at an East Memphis department store:

Please help us Stop Thief!  Click here:

That's ALERT's web site.  At the bottom of the home page, you'll find a link where you can e-mail anonymous tips to ALERT's retail theft detectives.

You can also call ALERT's hotline at 756-LOSS.

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