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Reported By Andy Wise

Ask Andy: Surprise AAA discounts

I was going through some literature from Gail Acebes, director of partnership programs for the American Automobile Association's (AAA) corporate offices in Heathrow, FL, and BAM!

There they were -- discounts on everything from drugs to shoes!  They are surprise discounts available to virtually every AAA member. 

So I called Cheryl Keating at AAA's Auto Club of the South in Memphis.  She verified every one of them.

* PRESCRIPTION DRUGS.  AAA members can get discounts that average 35 percent on generic drugs and 15 percent on brand-name prescriptions at most pharmacies.  Just make sure they don't conflict with your prescription drug plan.

* SHOES.  10 percent off shoes at Payless ShoeSource locations.

* GLASSES.  30 percent off glasses at LensCrafters.

* COMPUTERS.  10 percent off certain models of Gateway computers.

* BOOKS, DVD'S, CD'S.  Five percent off these items at Barnes & Noble.

* FLOWERS.  20 percent off flowers if you go to

You can even find out what discounts are available to AAA members only in your area.  Go to  Type in your zip code and watch what pops up!

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