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Reported by Janice Broach

Recovery act could mean millions of dollars for MCS

President Barack Obama's new administration could mean new jobs and millions of dollars for the Memphis City Schools system.
Under the American Renewal and Reinvestment Act - money intended to boost the slow economy - MCS could receive $100 million in funding this year.

The bleak economy has forced the city's school system to dip into its rainy day fund and examine ways to cut corners.
But President Barack Obama's $825 billion recovery bill could bring funding to local public schools because part of that money will be a major investment in education. Some of it would go to disadvantaged students to help them reach higher academic standards.
"There will be $55 million for the first year for capital projects for school modernizaton to renovate, modernize and green public schools, including technology updates," said Congressman Steve Cohen.
Cohen said that, while it's a sizable amount of money, it's not meant to replace other funding: it's just a supplement.

Cohen says the House will vote on the recovery bill on Wednesday, and he says he expects it to pass.

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