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Jarvis Greer

Tigers Witherspoon Talks after Surgery

What a way to spend your birthday...

Sitting on the Sidelines is NOT something Memphis Tigers Freshman Wesley Witherspoon expected to be doing at this point in his career..

But, that's all Witherspoon can do right now..

The new 18-year old is just one day removed from the surgeons table, where he underwent an Arthroscopic Procedure to repair torn cartilage in his left knee.

He'd carved a good niche in the playing rotation, averaging more than 5-points and 2-rebounds in about 15-minutes a game.

Witherspoon said he was hurt when the Doctor first told him he needed surgery, but would rather go on and get it done now than risk further injury.

He added: "When everything else went wrong, basketball was always right. Now i'll have to just cheer my teammates till i can get back on the court."

  The Tigers, ranked 18th in the Nation at 16 and  3, play at East Carolina Wednesday night.

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