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Reported by Joe Birch

Taking Back Our Neighborhoods: Trinity Community Coalition Outreach

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Drug addicts, ex-offenders, battered wives and needy children have a new place to turn for help in Westwood.  A new non-profit agency called Trinity Community Coalition Outreach has a big vision for Taking Back (and feeding) Our Neighborhoods.

Food for the group has been donated by Kroger, the Neighborhood Christian Center and the WIC program, just to name a few.

"It's for family assistance, and everybody is enjoying what they're getting, so it's a plus for everybody," said Trinity Outreach's Wartario Franklin.

Linda Segrest is the visionary who united some like-minded volunteers and rented this apartment complex on West Peebles to transform lives.

"We believe in serving the whole person -- the whole man," she said.

Trinity takes a broad approach in Westwood to many different problems people in the community face. In addition to the food pantry, there's a clothes closet, a program for ex-offenders to become gainfully employed, a battered women's shelter, a children's program and another program that helps people get off drugs.
"I was homeless when I came in.  No home. No clothes. Nothing," recovered addict James Tatum said. "Now I have a two bedroom apartment of my own and everything...I'm the driver-manager for SSI Trucking."

"We want people to know what we're doing so we can help and so we can grow," Trinity's Willie Crayon said. "That's what it's all about: growing and trying to help the needy." 

"Especially during this time of economic crisis, there's so many people that are going through a whole lot," Segrest added. "It's our goal to decrease crime, juvenile delinquency, and for some people, it's crucial, you know? It really helps just to have counseling."

And when food is donated, Trinity gives it away to those in need.

Trinity survives almost entirely on donations and volunteers. You can learn more about the agency by visiting their website or by calling 901-786-1220.

You can make a tax deductible donation to Trinity at any First Tennessee Bank.

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