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Reported by Ben Watson

Mid-South snow brings out playful polar bears

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC-TV) - While many people were content to stay warm indoors on a wintery Wednesday, others enjoyed playing in the snow.
The polar bears at the Memphis Zoo were particularly pleased with the wintery weather. Zookeepers say they began swimming and frolicking as soon as the snow started to fall.
"They love it," said zookeeper Emily Smith. "They went right out this morning and started rolling around in the snow, playing with it...ate a little bit of it."

The chilly weather was like a New Year's gift to the cold weather creatures, and visitors to the zoo enjoyed watching females Haley and Cranberry play.

"They're big, they're furry, they swim and my little girl likes them," said visitor Rob Patton.

The male polar bear was content to stay in his den and play with several buckets of snow bought in by zookeepers.
Just over the hill in Overton Park, children engaged in an old-fashioned snowball fight that quickly escalated into tag team snow wrestling.
"Oh, it's great...it's so much fun. It's just really cool!" said 11-year-old Griffin Rone.

But no matter how much fun the kids had playing in the snow, zoo visitors say the polar bears enjoyed it most. 

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