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Reported By Andy Wise

Best Buy's 'Account Shield' service fee

Some of you with Best Buy credit cards are e-mailing me about a few extra dollars showing up on your monthly bill.

The line item says the charge is for "debt cancellation."  Some of you say you never signed up for "debt cancellation" when you applied for the card.

According to James Sampson, general manager of Best Buy's store near Wolfchase Galleria in East Memphis, that charge is for a service called Account Shield

Sampson says if an item you're financing on your Best Buy card is lost or stolen, Account Shield will finish the payments.  You will have no liability for the balance on your card as it relates to that item.

Sampson says Account Shield will also make the minimum monthly payment on your Best buy card balance if you lose your job.

Here's the thing -- Sampson says the service is disclosed to every customer when they apply for the card.  In fact, he says every customer has to sign a special part of the application about Account Shield where they check 'yes' or 'no' for the service.

So if you're getting billed for it, you signed up for it.

Now here's the good part. If you have a Best Buy card and you're getting billed for Account Shield and you don't want it, just call the customer service number on the back of the card, and it will be cancelled.

If you still get billed, e-mail me at  I'll have my Best Buy sources take care of the charge.

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