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Reported by Chip Washington

Hernando family offers reward in search for deer killers

HERNANDO, MS (WMC-TV) - A DeSoto County family is offering a reward for the person or persons responsible for killing deer on their property.

"Hunters are sportsmen, and they would respect the law and the rules," property owner Patricia Oliver said. "Poachers are people that just kill.  I call them animals."

Last week, two deer were apparently spot-lighted, shot, and killed on Patricia Oliver's property near Oak Grove and Robertson Gin Road in Hernando. 

Oliver was taking a walk with her daughter when she saw the first deer last Friday.

Two days later, she found another one.

"It just made me sick to my stomach to think that somebody would kill an innocent animal, especially to spotlight it, kill it, and cut its head off for the horns," she said.

What's worse, Oliver sad, was that it was all done very close to Oak Grove Elementary School and in a residential neighborhood, a fact not lost to Hernando Police Chief Mike Riley.

"The danger of shooting a high powered rifle like that in the city is pretty dangerous,: Riley said.

Riley said hunting is one thing, but this was not the act of a hunter.

"This is not hunting. This is killing," he said. "This is slaughter. There is no sport in what they did."

Oliver and her husband have offered a $1000 reward for any information leading to an arrest for this crime.  If you know anything about these deer killings, call the DeSoto County Crime Stoppers at 662-429-TIPS.

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