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Reported By Andy Wise

Ask Andy: Direct TV & your Social Security #

Sounds like Direct TV's getting a little personal with some of its applicants.

"Marcia" of Millington, TN, e-mailed me about her recent application for Direct TV satellite service.

Marcia wrote:

"...during the application process I was asked for my SSN. I told them that I did not feel comfortable doing this and was told that without it I could not subscribe for Direct TV."

Marcia, Direct TV is trying to run a credit check on you.  That in itself is OK -- the satellite TV service is trying to determine if you're good for paying your bill.

But do not give your Social Security number out of the phone, especially if you're not sure if the person you're talking to is an actual Direct TV employee.

If you're dealing with a subcontractor or a selling agent for Direct TV, not a Direct TV employee, then stop everything.  Instead, deal directly with Direct TV through its customer contact number on its web site:  

If Direct TV insists on having your Social Security number, counter offer.  Tell them that you will pull your own credit report and provide them a copy.  You can do that at

If they refuse that, drop 'em. I have Direct TV, and I've never been asked for my Social Security number.

It's also interesting that I contacted both of Direct TV's spokespeople in Los Angeles and in New York.

Neither returned my calls.


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