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Reported by Jamel Major

Neighbor's security camera captures home robbery

In a successful case of neighbors helping neighbors, a security camera caught two burglars in the act.

Memphis police say they're hoping the surveillance footage will help them catch the pair who broke into a family's home and fled with thousands of dollars worth of stolen property.

The incident was captured by a neighbor's security camera.

The images were almost too startling for robbery victim Sherry Pilkinton to watch.

"It just kinda fires you up and it makes you angry," she said.

The suspects robbed her home of most valuables.

"Just started taking stuff off the wall...the tv's, the plasmas, the kid's X-Box, games. They took cameras, jewelry and money," she said.

The surveillance footage shows the pair entering Pilkinton's carport. She says the crooks kicked in her door, loaded the goods into a light blue Saturn and took off.

"There were certain things they left, which I was surprised they didn't get," she said. "But they had in mind what they wanted and they were here 17 minutes." 
According to police, there have been 17 burglaries within a mile of Pilkinton's home since January 1, 2009.

Pilkinton says she's now on guard, and she's urging others in her community to do the same.

"We're getting security doors on the other doors too. We're getting a security system Monday," she said. "You have to be proactive." 
If you've seen either suspect or the light blue Saturn involved, call Crime Stoppers at 528-CASH.

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