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Reported by Kontji Anthonty

Annexation battle brewing over Chimney Rock Elementary School

CORDOVA, Tenn. (WMC-TV) - An annexation battle is mounting in Cordova, and parents are bracing for a vote.

"We've got parents that are in a panic that are thinking,' Well, I don't want my child in a city school', so they're going to try to leave," said Chimney Rock Elementary School PTA President Pam Bergsmith.

She says the Memphis City Schools system has had plans to annex the school for almost a decade, and the push and pull is taking a toll.

"In six years we've had four principals."

The city's school board is now scheduled to vote on whether Chimney Rock will remain part of the Shelby County School system.

PTA Treasurer Lynn Grayson says teachers are worried about their jobs, and parents are worried about their children.

"It's frustrating because you don't know where your kids are going to go next," she said.
And there are other concerns.

Parents collected $18,000 to build a new playground, which the county approved, but the city rejected.

Now they say their children are losing precious moments.

"We've got $18,000 waiting to put new playground equipment in there, and now we can't spend it on the kids," said Bergsmith.

Bergsmith and Grayson are asking the Memphis City Schools board to think hard and plan for the long-term.

"When they get their plan all set and then they have a place for the kids, then they should convert the kids over," said Grayson. 
Bergsmith says parents need answers soon. "If we become city this fall, where are those middle school kids going to go?  Are they going to bus them to a city school?"

And the countdown is on. Chimney Rock Elementary School will automatically become part of the Memphis City Schools system unless the school board votes otherwise by June 30.

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